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Meet the team

Laura Gilpin & Adrienne Viall

DSPL 4 Managers

Laura & Adrienne are the DSPL4 managers. Having worked in schools in various roles for over 20 years they are passionate about supporting children, young people and their families in receiving the best possible education and learning experiences.

They each have 9 years experience as school Special Educational Needs Coordinators (Senco’s). In this time, they have had the opportunity to work with and for a range of organisations, professionals, schools and families. They are passionate about supporting specialist training for both professionals and parents and developing access to services locally.


Tel: 01992 303 331

Lisa Lee


Lisa's vocation began 10 years ago when she attended a meet the teacher day for her son. Lisa has three sons all with SEN and is passionate about supporting children with autism and additional needs in school settings. She has worked as a 1:1 SEN TA and MSA whilst studying for her MA in SEND. The most pertinent words for Lisa, “every child needs a voice”, built on the belief that every child, verbal or non verbal needs to have effective communication. Working for Square 1 allows Lisa to share the skills she has learnt along her journey and ensure every child in every classroom has a voice and is included within that classroom community.

Lisa Role is “Delivering Special Provision Locally” (DSPL) this is Hertfordshire’s strategy to build the local capacity of schools to deliver quality local provision and ensuring equity of access to specialist provision so that children and young people can stay within their local community. Lisa, as Area Lead, works closely with local schools and SENCO’s to assist in providing the quality local offer, acting as the area contact regarding knowledge of services and support for children and young people with SEND, their parents and schools and settings.


Sue Camp
DSPL4 Phoenix Lead

Sue has spent the last 20 years teaching, 9 as a head teacher, and is particularly proud of her experience with young people with Special Educational Needs. Prior to becoming a teacher, Sue worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a research scientist. Sue is a mother to 3 grown-up children and a young step-daughter. Her youngest son has a rare genetic syndrome.

In her spare time, Sue volunteers for the Williams Syndrome foundation as an area coordinator and has also worked for CHIPS play schemes.

Tel: 07943 319 244

Sandra Mahoney
DSPL4 Post-16 Transition Co-ordinator (TCO)

Sandra has spent most of her adult life in public services and after working at the Royal Free Hospital with children on the ‘At Risk Register’, she joined Camden Council Youth Services Department and trained as a Social Worker. Five years later, she joined the crime prevention charity NACRO (The National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) based in the London borough of Wandsworth, where she managed an eight-bed hostel for care leavers and young offenders.

After moving her young family from the London Borough of Camden to Cheshunt, Sandra began working at Hertford Regional College as a Retention Officer, providing support and assistance to students who had difficulty with completing their course of study. Most recently, after completing her Teacher Training, she has spent the last five years as a Lecturer within the Business Department. Sandra has recently applied to the Magistrates Advisory Committee to train as a Court Appointed Magistrate.

Tel: 07590 839 434