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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria:
Square 1 Support will work with education professionals working with autistic children aged 3-13 with in an identified support need in the Universal category, as defined in the ‘Meeting the Needs of Children and families in Hertfordshire’ document.

Square 1 Support is the right service for you if you would like support with meeting children's needs related to (but not limited to) the following:

Education and learning:
 Poor peer relationships
 Not always engaged in learning or organised activities
 Poor concentration, low motivation
 Limited evidence of progression
 Speech /language difficulties
 Poor punctuality/attendance


Emotional-Behavioural Development:
 Difficult peer relationships
 Some inappropriate responses and actions
 Finds managing change difficult
 Poor routines
 Separation anxiety
 Not always able to understand how own actions impact on others

 Poor self confidence
 Some insecurities around identity expressed (low self-esteem)
 Low aspirations for the future
 Few if any achievements

Social Presentation and Self-care Skills:
 Child can be either over friendly or withdrawn
 Child slow to develop self-care skills